Sommin - Secteurs d'activité



Water turbine: Disassembly, installation, maintenance of all parts

Framed valves and butterfly: Expertise and revamping, on site or in our workshop

Periodic maintenance of framed valves: Check, expertise, Operation reports

We manage turnkey project with our partners: Engineering and realisation

Gas and steam turbines:

  • Mechanical work on compressor, turbine and auxiliaries: disassembly, erection, maintenance on all parts
  • Mechanical work on steam parts: stop valves, control valves, actuators

Paper mills

We work on all the paper mill sections:

  • Wood process
  • Beaching, pulp process, de-inking
  • Paper machine
  • Packaging, Conveyors
  • Boilers
  • Parts replacement for maintenance: pickup, rolls, presses, cylinders, doctor blades, gearboxes, drives, pumps
  • Maintenance of Equipment: bearings, pumps, conveyors, gearboxes
  • Hydraulic tests for cylinders and all pressure vessels


We work on a regular basis in wood, steel, glass, food, chemistry industries for all type of maintenance activities, for example:

  • Wood floor production line
  • Replacement of bucket chain on conveyor
  • Drink production line maintenance
  • Chocolate production line maintenance
  • Erection of wood panel production line
  • Installation and connection of distillation column for chemical separation
  • Sugar production line maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of all types of conveyors